Looking beyond academics

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas currently double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. My interests primarily lie in the confluence of software engineering and statistical analysis. This has led me to build a strong background in the conceptual underpinnings of important fields such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning.

I have previous experience working in both academic research as well as in a corporate environment. During Spring 2019, I interned as a neuroanalytics intern at the Center for Brain Health under Principal Investigator Francesca Filbey. As part of my capstone project in the lab, I developed an end to end framework for detecting marijuana addiction from applying machine learning to brain scans. Beginning in the summer of 2019, I worked as a junior software engineer at Brainspace, an innovation driven, artificial intelligence powered, information retrieval company. My role involved designed testing frameworks for the core machine learning algorithms to benchmark performance and optimize parametrization of the continuous multi modal learning system.

Beyond work experience, I am involved with North Texas’s largest Hackathon organizing group - HackUTD as the Lead Technical Coordinator. My duties include designing workshops, running technical events and ensuring that the hacker experience for over 700 students is smooth and enjoyable. Our team is also responsible for creating inhouse software solutions to problems faced by organizers such as application and judging platforms. Another organization that I deeply prioritize is the Freshman Mentor Program at UT Dallas. Working with a leadership team, I’ve coordinated designing and running several soft-skill workshops that train over 1000+ students on effective communication and mentorship strategies. We seek to empower every freshman on campus to improve their academic and social standing by pairing them with a trained upperclassmen that can help them navigate their challenging first year.